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About LexActo

About Lexacto Attorneys

Founded in 2019, Lexacto attorneys  is a full-service law firm in Tanzania with HQ in Dar es salaam. We provide client-centered legal solutions by understanding our clients’ business goals and needs.

With its unique composition of vibrant and experienced attorneys, Lexacto presents itself proudly for satisfactory legal services to both National and international.  We carefully study the problems of our clients; be it business or regulatory compliance, and invent a specific and practical solution to the client’s needs. Our attorneys  are vested with additional knowledge in business, economics and accounting from prestigious institutions in Tanzania and abroad.


At LexActo attorneys we believe that, each task is connected to other tasks. Delay in a single task can disrupt the entire business ecosystem for our client.


“Team work makes the dream work,” so does in LexActo. Our successes are all founded on strong team work. Our collective expertise and experiences are what make the difference in each task.


We approach client’s work strategically. To do this, we always work to tally client’s interests with the law, leverage technology to reduce costs and to ensure the best talents assist and work with the client.


We take a holistic approach in our works. We work with people from different backgrounds in order to ensure we have the best available solution to any legal problem. We recruit team-members in order to diversify our practices and knowledge so as to add value to our clients’ work.


Our Attorneys have gained reputation in their Area of practices.


Our firm is centered on the best interests of the client. We believe each task is exceptional and our clients have different needs and goals. We mostly let our client define the desired results, and thereafter we professionally employ all the available legal mechanisms together with our energy and skills to achieve the results.